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Which Lips Filler Will Work Best For You?

Lip augmentation, also called filliposition or lipoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical technique that enhances lip volume by increasing lip firmness through fat, hyaluronic acid, or saline implants. Lip augmentation can either be done by soft tissue implants (the most common type) or fat transfer. 

Soft tissue implants are the most popular option because they look natural and are easy to maintain. 

They are also more durable than fat implants, which are typically used for this treatment. 

Fat implant treatment can be performed under local or general anesthetic and is also more popular because it is more convenient than traveling to the plastic surgeon’s office.

Hyaluronic acid firming injections are one of the most popular lip augmentation procedures in the United States. 

These injections are typically made from a sterile solution containing hyaluronic acid (also known as HA) mixed with an excimer gel. 

The gel is supposed to increase the volume of the lips by thickening the connective tissues that hold up the skin beneath the lips. 

These treatments are now usually offered at a variety of clinics. 

Still, many patients do not like the scars that are created by these injections.

Another option to change your lips is to have them filled using a liposuction technique known as tumescent liposuction. 

This procedure requires that an incision is made in the area of your lips. 

A cannula, or thin hook, is inserted into this incision and used to inject a patient with fillers. 

This treatment is the most expensive, and the average cost of this procedure is roughly two thousand dollars

Because this is considered major surgery, it is essential that you schedule this procedure before doing any other plastic surgery.

Some people are also turning to more permanent lip fillers like Botox. 

This is a very effective treatment and is not painful. 

This procedure is similar to the injections performed with a cannula. 

Still, instead of being injected with the fillers, the substance is dispensed through tiny holes that have been drilled into the patient’s lips. 

This procedure is performed on a regular schedule, which can last anywhere from one to three months. 

However, because this is considered a cosmetic procedure, your insurance will likely not cover this procedure.

Finally, some people try the newer technique that uses a numbing cream to numb the lips before the procedure. 

The idea behind this method is that you will not feel any pain during the procedure. 

Another benefit of using a numbing cream is that your lips will look smoother and less noticeable since there will be virtually no bruising or swelling. 

This type of cream is not recommended for women who smoke or use medications that could be detrimental to the procedure. 

This cream should be used by a doctor who specializes in lip injections.

There are also two other options you have for lips augmentation besides the three traditional fillers. 

One is called injectable fusions, and the other is known as hydrogen. 

In the injectable fusions, an excimer laser is used to inject the fillers deep within the lip. 

The substance is made up of a liquefied gel and polymers. 

Because of the risks involved with these fillers, hyaluronic acids have been developed as a substitute.

Hyaluronic acids are synthetic fillers that replace the collagen and elastin in your lips. 

The injector breaks up the tissue by shooting a small amount at the lips to break up the gel. 

Then, the injector adds a saline solution to the mixture to fill up the cavities. 

This method is much less painful than the older fusions and is considered much safer for patients. 

Some patients even prefer the hyaluronic filler over the older injector-adhesive formulas.

Whether you choose collagen, liquid hyaluronic, or a saline-filled implant, you will see dramatic results. 

You will get the fuller, smoother appearance you desire, but it may take a few months of regular use to achieve the desired results. 

The key to getting the thin lips you desire is to find the right formula. 

Talk to your cosmetic physician and find out which filling techniques will work best for you. 

If you do that, you should find a way to have the thin lips you want.

Which Lips Filler Will Work Best For You?

Which Lips Filler Will Work Best For You?

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