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What to Wear on a Work Night Out

If you’re wondering what to wear on a work night out, here are a few ideas: Dress down chinos or up in jeans.

Accessorize with a trendy accent piece.

Stay in style!

There’s nothing more embarrassing than looking like a workaholic on a night out!

So what do you wear?

Follow these tips to keep up your good looks while keeping your professional image intact.

Dressing down chinos

While chinos go well with virtually any type of shoe, there are some combinations that are more elegant and appropriate for specific occasions. Picking the wrong footwear companion can sabotage a look. Here’s how to dress down chinos with shoes. To look your best no matter what occasion, wear a pair of polished shoes with a chinos ensemble. Incorporate a little color into your look and try to keep your shoes a bit more neutral and understated.

Choose the right pair of pants. Although the color is important, the fit is what will make or break the outfit. If the chinos are too baggy or too tight, they’ll appear ill-fitting and unprofessional. Choose a pair of straight-leg chinos to maintain your sophisticated appearance while still creating a flattering look. Avoid buying chinos that are too long. Instead, opt for cuffed or cropped chinos that are slightly longer than the average length.

Wear tall socks with your chinos. The hem of your chinos should be able to touch your office shoes. When you’re wearing chino pants, everything looks great. Pair your chino pants with a muscle-back tank top or a button-up shirt. Depending on the occasion, you can wear a button-up shirt or a tee shirt.

When you’re looking for the right pair of chinos for a work night out, don’t forget to consider the length of your trousers. Ankle-skimming chinos are ideal for an evening out, while longer leg chinos are more appropriate for a business setting. A great pair of chinos is versatile, allowing you to mix and match pieces from casual to formal.

For a work-to-night-out event, chinos are an excellent alternative to a suit. The key is to pick the right pieces to complete the look. For a cocktail-style event, opt for patent leather Oxfords or leather shoes. Loafers are fine, but be sure to elevate your shoe style with a tie and pocket square. With a crisp white shirt, a sharp blazer and chinos, you’ll look sharp and ready for the night.

Dressing up in jeans

There’s nothing wrong with dressing up in jeans for a work night out, as long as you follow some basic styling tips. While formal looks do have their place, jeans can be dressed up in seconds. Here’s how to pull off this look. A classic denim jacket is the perfect finishing touch. A simple pair of black aviator sunglasses can also help you turn heads in the club. Just remember that this look is only appropriate for work nights out.

For festive occasions, try a creative ensemble. Just because you’re wearing jeans doesn’t mean you have to wear a ballgown. Try a simple combination of jeans, top, and shoes for a festive ensemble. Adding a touch of sparkle is also a good idea. Just be sure to wear a high-heeled shoe and a glittery belt to complete the look.

Choose a form-fitting pair of jeans that are neutral in shade. Dark wash denim is currently a trendy option. Avoid jeans with stains or holes if you want to appear more polished. Classic jeans are more versatile. Skinny jeans look more rock star than dressy, so opt for a straight-leg or boot-cut pair. You can also add some color to your ensemble by wearing a blouse or blazer or adding jewelry.

Blazer: Blazers can be paired with jeans as well. Try to pair your blazer with a sport coat or a sharp jacket to accentuate the wash of your jeans. A blazer will be easily removed to meet the dress code of different events. You can also opt to wear a blazer over jeans and still look professional. But don’t forget to add a blazer to the outfit, especially if the occasion calls for it.

Accessorizing with a trendy accent piece

Choosing the perfect accessory to complete your day-to-night look can be difficult. You’ll want to pick something that will draw attention while still being neutral. You don’t need a full-blown statement piece to complete your look, but it helps to have at least one that will be noticeable and draw attention. If you can’t decide which piece to choose, consider a few of the following suggestions.

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What to Wear on a Work Night Out

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