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What is a Sundress Definition?

A sundress is a summer dress with a light, airy bodice and sleeves that are open enough to show shoulders and arms. Its definition comes from WordNet 3.0, owned by Princeton University. Other elements of a sundress include a silvery bodice, big silver jewelry, and bright color. This versatile dress is essential for summertime wardrobes and can be worn by women of all shapes and sizes.


The sleeveless sundress is a style of a summer dress with a scoop neck and a softly full torso. This style falls just below the waist and drops to the floor. The sleeveless sundress is made of three pieces: a chaddar (yard and a half) that tucks into the skirt and a sleeveless bodice that clings to the bust and flows to the floor.

The definition of a sundress is as varied as the styles of these dresses. In general, they are made of lightweight cotton and are usually loose-fitting. They are usually sleeveless, revealing the arms and shoulders, and are not meant to be worn with a top or leggings. They are often loose-fitting, making them more comfortable than other types of dress. A sundress is an excellent summertime wardrobe staple for women of all shapes and sizes.


What is a collarless sundress? In most cases, a collarless sundress can be worn over a top such as a blouse or T-shirt. In the UK, this style of dress is known as a pinafore. This style of dress is not only worn over a top but can also be worn with a sweater. It’s important to know the difference between a sundress and a pinafore.

A sundress is a loose-fitting piece of clothing with no collar or sleeves. It can have any neckline, hemline, and length from mini to full-length. Its main characteristics are its collarless design and wide, thin shoulder straps. The term collarless has its origins in British English, although American fashion trends have also adopted it. It is often used to describe a casual dress. You can find a sundress with any neckline or hemline – from a mini to a long one–as long as it’s collarless.

Wide neckline

A wide neckline can add feminine volume to a slimming silhouette. These styles may also have straps or decolletage details. In addition to highlighting the upper body, wide necklines make it easy to show off your shoulders, arms, or other features. Wide necklines can also be combined with ruching or diagonal flow to add volume to the upper body, while still balancing out the hips.

A boatneck is a feminine neckline that falls from the shoulder, skims just below the collarbone, and has a wide opening in the middle. This neckline style is also known as a bateau neck. A Sabrina neckline is another wide horizontal neckline. Some styles feature a very low, scooped neckline. Others sport wide, narrow shoulder straps to support the top, making the neck appear thinner than it is.

Another neckline style is the halter neck. This style is flattering on most body types, but it does not suit all types of shoulders. A halter neck draws the eye up and highlights the bust and shoulders. A halter neck is a great choice for thin necks. It will draw the eye upward and flatter your figure while drawing attention to your shoulders and enhancing your curves. You can find many styles that combine these three styles.

Whether you’re wearing a wide-neckline sundress or a plunging one, this style can help to accentuate your assets. A halter neck can accentuate your narrow chest while a wide neckline adds width. A high neckline isn’t recommended for women with broad shoulders or long arms. While a wide neckline is flattering for women with small chests, it can make the neck appear larger.

Thin shoulder straps

A sundress with thin shoulder straps is a classic style that adds a hint of sex and femininity to any outfit. This versatile piece is available in many styles and cuts and is perfect for any summer day. This dress is typically made from cotton and is sleeveless. It has a round neckline and thin double shoulder straps, and it comes with a built-in bra and separate shorts.

Summer wardrobe staple

A summer wardrobe would not be complete without a great sundress. This versatile piece can be paired with sandals or heels to dress up a simple outfit, or it can be worn as a day-to-day uniform. For an on-trend summer look, try a patterned skort with a contrasting polo shirt. Pair it with sandals or loafer-style flats for a more business-casual look.

A sundress can be worn at any time of day, from morning to night, and is the ultimate summer closet staple. You can wear it as a complete outfit or just as part of an outfit for a day when you don’t want to spend all day thinking about your appearance. Make sure to choose a sundress made of breathable and soft material to feel comfortable. It will be the perfect option for long, breezy summer days.

White T-shirts are another summer wardrobe staple. Whether you opt for a cropped or loose fit, a white t-shirt works well with any outfit and accentuates tan or lighter hair. Whether it’s a summer dress or a skirt, a white shirt can work with almost any outfit. And since the sundress can be worn over jeans or a skirt, it is the perfect piece to have on hand.

A sundress can be worn all year long. It can be worn without layering or with a cardi, adding dimension to an otherwise simple look. Wear it with sandals or heels and you’ll look chic and comfortable in any situation. It’s easy to layer and is versatile enough to be worn to work or out on the town. There are many ways to wear a sundress, from work to play.

What is a Sundress Definition?

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