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What is a Parisian Style

Have you heard about the new fashion trend called “Parisian Style”? If you have not, this trend is about shedding the pretensions of what you look like as an individual instead of blending your appearance with that of a Parisian. Being French, I lived for many years in Paris (in the 5th and 7th arrondissements). And from personal observation, I would like to bring you, at this very minute, the keys behind Parisian fashion.

The secret behind this fashion is dressing a bit more conservative.

Unlike many other fashions and trends, this Parisian style revolves around looking more elegant.

Still, it has the touch of youthful enthusiasm and vibrancy.

You’ll learn what precisely Parisian style is, why it’s so cool, how to get this relaxed style and what Parisian women should never wear to not look like a Parisian.

One of the most essential keys to starting your new Parisian style is choosing the right combination of clothes you can wear.

The key to achieving a totally stylish look is to avoid wearing too many accessories or clothing with huge prints or colors.

When selecting the right clothing items, download the article from the following list to create a stylish look.

For your clothing, download the article from the following list to create a stylish look.

Coats for ladies should always be simple and of plain colors; monochrome is the best color to match with the rest of your attire.

Also, these kinds of coats don’t have to belong; they can be mid-length coats, capris, or short sleeves.

Your jacket must also be a plain color, whether it’s a solid color or in stripes. Monochrome tops are the best option for your wardrobe staples.

Dress like celebrities!

As already stated, your key to attaining a chic look is to avoid wearing too many accessories.

With that in mind, don’t wear jewelry, watches, or chains unless you want to create a chic look.

If you decide to wear accessories, you must select ones that match the dress, like the cut of the fabric, the color, and of course, the length.

For women with short natural hair, choosing short sleeves or capris will create an effortlessly chic look.

Shoes must always be comfortable.

The ideal Parisian style for ladies would be a pair of black pumps with an embellished platform or high heels.

Your shoes can have a small decorative heel or a platform with little embellishments to add to their feminine charm.

A casual sandal with a little bit of height would be ideal for this look.

Ladies can accessorize with elegant statement jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, beads, or coins for an ultra-chic look.

What’s the Parisian style without their boyfriends?

The boyfriend is not required in every single Parisian, but some elements are mandatory.

Ties are mandatory, especially if you have a formal job at the office.

It’s also important to consider a proper fit when picking out a tuxedo since this element of the Parisian ensemble will project the ‘grown up’ image you’re trying to convey.

Formal attire should be selected over casual wear to keep the look fresh and authentic.

Of course, a magnificent pair of jeans and a sturdy belt complete your look.

If you’re unsure of what a Parisian style is or even how you can carry it off, there are many helpful websites online to help you along the way.

There are articles on how to carry the look, matching the look with different outfits, and much more!

You’ll definitely find everything you need to know online, and you might even find a fantastic online store with trendy and affordable clothing.

Take full advantage of shopping online today; you’ll fell in love with the new style before you know it!

What is a Parisian Style

What is a Parisian Style

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