What Do You Call Someone Who Designs Lingerie?

What do you call someone who designs lingery? There are many different terms for this profession. These include Designer, Patternmaker, Colorist, and Negligee. Let’s take a look at the four most common terms. Which one would you use? The answer will depend on the person’s background and the type of lingerie she designs. If you want to become a designer, be sure to take some time to read this article first!


Traditionally, designers of lingerie have had to have an education in fashion design, although a few are getting by with a fine art degree, fashion merchandising or retailing degree. However, today, lingerie designers are subverting conventions and exploring new ideas about beauty and identity. Designers like Niamh Galea, a Canadian-born designer, are creating avant-garde underwear for women that empowers them to feel and look their best.

The founder of Sublime Seduction(tm), Zinaida Ross, launched a luxury lingerie label in December 2012. She graduated with a first class degree in fashion and textile design from Central Saint Martins. The lingerie designer, who specializes in bridal wear, incorporated modern romance and elegance into her designs. Under the guidance of her professional creative team, Ross has earned a worldwide reputation as a fashion designer.

In addition to lingerie, a lingerie designer designs intimate wear for women and men. Occasionally, a lingerie designer also designs athletic wear and nylons. A lingerie designer’s responsibilities can range from sourcing fabrics and designing the pattern to overseeing the production process. Whether you want to become a self-employed designer or work for a design company, a lingerie designer will be the one who will create a brand that is marketed to women all over the world.


A Patternmaker for someone who designs lingerie must be experienced in reading design models, cutting patterns, double-checking measurements, and filing designs. The job also requires strong organizational skills and communication skills. Pattern makers also need strong math skills and attention to detail. Ultimately, they will be responsible for the quality of the finished product. If you want to pursue a career in this exciting field, here are some tips for finding the right person to work with.

An ideal candidate will have experience in sewing samples and collaborating with the product development team. In addition to sewing prototypes, a Patternmaker should have experience in sewing on industrial equipment. Sample quality sewing is highly desirable. Highly skilled recent graduates and students are encouraged to apply. Candidates must have a strong understanding of lingerie fabric and be comfortable with industrial overlocks, zig-zags, and hand stitching.

A great pattern maker will have a portfolio to show potential clients. Ensure that the portfolio is full of examples of the types of garments that the Pattern Maker will create for you. A good Pattern Maker should also have a portfolio of work and references. You can request to see a sample of a blouse or two to see if the design is of good quality. A great Patternmaker will have experience in both traditional paper patternmaking and CAD patternmaking.


If you want to make the most of a lingerie collection, consider consulting with a Colorist. This professional will oversee the lab dips, receive bulk dye lots, read print strike-offs, and track color approval history for each season. He or she will also manage a library of trim and color standards, and order Pantone books to give accurate color analysis. In addition, a Colorist will ensure that a lingerie line complies with the highest quality standards for fabric, trim, and lining.


When designing lingerie, negligees are often the most popular style. Although these garments were formerly confined to nightwear and women’s pajamas, they have since become a fashionable alternative for women. Negligees can range in length from floor-length to knee-length. Read on to learn more about how negligees have shaped the industry and how designers can incorporate them into their designs.

The negligee is a type of women’s nightwear that dates back to the 18th century in France. Originally, the negligee modeled the styles of day dresses, such as satin single-layer evening gowns. Royal Doulton used the word negligee on figurines in 1927. The name negligee derives from its meaning “a neglectful garment”.


There are many ways to find inspiration for your next lingerie design. Start with the nightgown, which is a t-shirt-like garment worn for sleep. Nightgowns can be made from just about any fabric, from cotton to silk to rayon and even nylon. Whether you choose a classic or contemporary style, you will likely find a nightgown that matches your personal style and preferences.


What’s the origin of the word “panty”? The diminutive form of the word “pantie” is a combination of the suffix “-ies” and “-y”, meaning little. The term was first used in 1908 to describe doll clothes. Panty was used to describe “little waist or one piece” garments. The word is also used for clothing and accessories.

The word Panty can mean something completely different for every person. It can mean different things to different people, so the name “Panty” is a good one to use for this particular brand. For example, if someone wanted to design lingerie for an African-American audience, she would call it Nubian Skin. This label also sells lingerie for men. It’s made from sustainably sourced beechwood trees.

The name Panty has become so common that it can be used to describe someone who designs lingerie. People can now say “panty” without grimacing, and lingerie store salespeople can wear a tape measure around their neck and glasses down their nose. Panty has become the most common name for designer lingerie. And the name Panty means “pantsy.”


Are you looking for a new lingerie piece? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Bodysuits and rompers are both great options for creating your own lingerie designs. A bodysuit is essentially a one-piece with a teddy top and shorts, and the romper is an excellent choice for a more daring sexy look.

Bare Necessities offers lace rompers with daring cuts. Its Seven ’til Midnight Romper in red and black features a deep V neckline and a matching back. It closes with a silk ribbon and features a heart-shaped cutout. It also features a ruffle for a touch of seduction. Whether it’s a romantic evening gown or a stylish everyday lingerie piece, a romper is sure to be a winner!

A halter tie romper is another beautiful choice. It features a high neck and open back, and a belted waist with a snap-crotch closure. A pair of shorts, which tie in the back, are a great option as well. You can get these in various colours to match your lingerie wardrobe. These rompers also make excellent outerwear pieces. They look especially lovely with a pair of garters.

What Do You Call Someone Who Designs Lingerie?

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