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Tips For Choosing Dresses For Christening

There are many styles and types of dresses for christening. You can choose from floral lace, jeweled hairbands, and pants. Below are some tips to help you choose the perfect outfit. Read on to discover what will look the best on your little girl. And don’t forget the accessories! You can also find bibs and pantsuits for the big day. And if you’re still stuck, read our tips on how to accessorize your little girl’s outfit with a headband.


While pantsuits for christenings aren’t the usual dress code for baptisms, they are still a stylish option for the event. Pantsuits are a great choice for a late-season christening, as the colors may not be as flashy as those for a spring or summer baptism. However, it’s important to remember that black isn’t the best color to wear for a christening – earth tones and jewel tones are better.

A pantsuit is versatile and gender-neutral. It can be worn by both boys and girls, as long as it is tailored to the proportions of the baby. This outfit is also perfect for a baptism godmother, as it is designed by the luxury brand De La Vali. It’s not unusual to see both a mother and a godmother in a pantsuit at a christening.

The best part about christening pants is that they are endlessly versatile. The options are nearly endless, from cropped pants to flared trousers. Pantsuits are a more feminine option than a full suit, and many of the styles can be layered with a cardigan for extra warmth. Pantsuits are the perfect choice for a christening if the parents don’t want a formal dress.

While men’s pantsuits are the most common option for a christening, you can choose a shorter style if you’d prefer. Pants should be fitted with a top, and the hemline of the pants should not be higher than the knee. Pantsuits for christenings are also suitable for godparents, so long as they aren’t combined with a dress or skirt.

Floral lace

If you’re looking for the perfect christening gift for your daughter, you’ve come to the right place. Floral lace dresses are classic, elegant pieces that are perfect for the day of the big day. You can find them in many sizes, so that your little one can wear them for any occasion, from a christening to an evening party. This dress features a lace overlay on organza and a hidden zipper for easy dressing. It is fully lined and includes an ivory satin sash that can be tied to the front or back of the dress. The sash is adjustable and can be removed if you wish to.


Bibs for christening dresses are essential accessories for the special day. They protect the baby’s christening dress from stains that can turn it yellow many years later. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the perfect bib. Keep reading for more information! Weigh your options when choosing a bib for your baby. It’s important to remember that your baby won’t be wearing the bib at all times.

The Keepsake bib is a beautiful finishing touch for your Christening dress. It coordinates with all christening gowns and rompers and is available in both boy and girl styles. The bib features soft knit ribbing around the neckline. You can find bibs in ivory, white, and ivory. They are also available in Irish linen and silk dupioni.

Grace Lace Bib: This cotton lace bib matches perfectly with a full-length Christening gown. The silk and cotton blend lining keeps the baby warm. Cotton lace accents are sewn on the edges. A button closure completes the look. The Grace Lace Bib matches any outfit and can match with religious embroidery. You can also choose from a plain satin bib for a more traditional look.

Jeweled hairbands

Jeweled hairbands are the perfect alternative to a hat, and a christening is a fun day to wear statement jewelry. The classic gold hoops and studs in blue add a touch of glitz to a beaded blue drop earring. A statement necklace, bracelet, or cuff can complete the look, as can a pair of statement earrings.

You can buy or make these headbands from craft stores. The DIY variety is easy enough for children to make. Just cut the ribbon to the desired length, then thread beads onto it and secure it with a hairpin. You can then add a few beads for a party favor. You can also repurpose broken necklaces into stylish hairbands. These are also great for the tween years and beyond.

Kate Middleton’s ruched style is versatile and is perfect for a christening or a summer party. A pearl hairband will never go out of style! A ruched hairband can also be worn with a bikini or any other dress of a similar tone. Pearls never go out of style! Alternatively, you can copy Kate Middleton’s look for an Easter service – she wore a burgundy velvet headband. It is a very chic and modern use of hair!

Avoiding dark hues

To ensure that your christening dress is appropriate for this special day, you should avoid the use of dark hues. Unlike other formal occasions, a christening is not a business event, and you should avoid black, brown, or blue-grey colors. Instead, stick to pale shades of grey, beige, and cream. For men, try to keep their accessories to a minimum. During the warmer months, you can opt for a black jacket and a monochrome dark grey costume. Another summer look would be a floral midi dress or a pair of hot pants.

To avoid the appearance of a funeral dress, consider wearing a dress made of a lighter, more neutral color. While dark shades are traditionally associated with mourning and death, they are a bad choice for a Christening dress. Alternatively, opt for a lighter, more pastel shade. If you aren’t sure which color to wear, you can also consider a neutral color and choose an embellished dress.

While selecting the dress color, remember to choose something that matches the overall theme of the event. A baby baptism might be held in a pale yellow or pink dress with pastel colors, whereas an adult christening will call for a dress in a darker hue. If you have a choice, you can choose a dress that will match the theme and make a memorable impression on your baby.

Color is another important aspect when selecting a christening dress. Unlike a wedding, a christening is usually a daytime event. While some are held in the evening, you should avoid wearing long, fancy dresses. Moreover, dark hues, low necklines, and short hemlines are off-limits. If you plan on wearing a bright color or neon hue, consider using a scarf or a thin jacket.

Tips For Choosing Dresses For Christening

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