Popular Style Aesthetics of 2021

Style aesthetics have been around for years. In the past, they were dominated by jocks, prepsters, and emos. Now, with the rise of social media like Instagram, aesthetics have taken on new and exciting forms. Some older aesthetics have even been reborn for the year 2021. Here are some of the most popular style aesthetics, which will give you an idea of how to change up your outfits.


Fairycore is an aesthetic that embraces the magical, etherial qualities of nature. This style is meant to be eclectic and whimsical, and embraces soft pastels, magic, and soft animals. Fairycore fashion styles often include faeries, elves, and soft animals, including bunnies. The style has similar characteristics to other popular trends, such as cottagecore and pixiecore, but tends to be more feminine and ethereal.

Fairycore has many themes and colors, with florals, mushrooms, and flowers dominating its aesthetics. Fairycore jewelry is often made with gemstones and incorporates a polaroid effect. Fairycore fashion includes everything from mushroom earrings to glittery crop tops. Despite its romantic nature, Fairycore looks a bit more grown-up than goblincore. In addition to florals, Fairycore fashion also features cute animals.

While traditional fairycore style deals mostly with pastels, fairy grunge takes a darker tone. The look is reminiscent of grunge, which first emerged in Seattle in the ’90s as a counterculture movement. It conveyed angst, and was a fashion statement. Fairy grunge borrows some of the same traits from grunge, but incorporates thrifted pieces with Y2K basics. As Fairycore becomes more mainstream, it may even become cottagecore.

Although the fairycore trend started in December 2020, it slowly grew online during the first half of 2021. This growth coincided with the release of the Twilight Saga on Netflix. The era’s aesthetics were heavily influenced by the characters of the Twilight saga, especially Bella Swan. Fairycore style aesthetics are now the newest trend on TikTok. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular among millennials.


The Goblincore aesthetics movement first sparked on social media, especially in the form of TikTok videos. Its unique aesthetics are inspired by traditional folklore and find beauty in objects that are otherwise considered unattractive. The trend has since expanded to a broader market, and the hashtag #goblincore has over 230 million views. You can find countless examples of outfits and interiors in the style, as well as DIY videos and tutorials. The style has also gained popularity in the LGBTQ+ community, where it has become an accepting haven for people who are queer or questioning their sexuality.

Goblincore style aesthetics take their cues from the pandemic goblin-mode, which was characterized by dirty and ugly things. The goblincore aesthetics movement is primarily associated with the LGBTQ+ community, and non-binary people in general. It takes liberties with the sex and gender conventions. This style is also known for its love of shiny objects and the desire to hoard things.

The clothing and accessories that goblincore fans wear are centered around a simple yet beautiful look. Accessories in the style are often minimal, and include hoodies, buttons, hairclips, and teeth necklaces. It’s important to choose unique and non-harmful accessories to express your goblincore style. You can also create your own unique and individualized Goblincore style aesthetics with any of the many accessories out there.

The predominant colors in the Goblincore style aesthetics are brown, off-white, and cream. You can also incorporate earth colors into your look by wearing a cape with acorns. The Goblincore style aesthetics have many followers across social media, and are widely adopted by people with a goblin in their life. They are not necessarily associated with Goblin culture, but they share the same aesthetic values.


Cottagecore style aesthetics include a wide variety of outfit styles, from ultra-feminine interpretations of historical fashion to cozy, practical, and wacky ensembles. They are often inspired by the colors and fabrics of the ’30s and ’50s, and they can be combined with vintage style and minimalism. A cottage-style home is a cozy, natural space with a rustic charm. Cottagecore style aesthetics are a perfect fit for anyone who appreciates natural materials and antique-inspired fashion.

One of the most notable examples of this aesthetics is Lirika Matoshi’s Strawberry Dress. The milkmaid-style dress was adorned with sequined strawberries. Vogue describes the attraction of the strawberry print as nostalgic, hearingkening back to childhood innocence. Because of its appeal, it was quickly meme-fied and appeared in contexts outside of the Cottagecore movement. This resulted in the rise of this style aesthetic.

In addition to its strong influence on nature, Cottagecore design aesthetics has been adapted for various climates. In the west, it is typically characterized by a mix of southwestern and tropical climates. Cottagecore style aesthetics also draws inspiration from rural areas. This style is usually green throughout the summer months, but can also incorporate a southwestern-inspired feel, complete with succulents and beach grass. However, these homes do not feature any urban amenities, and their rural aesthetics will be lost to people who don’t live in these environments.

The Cottagecore style aesthetic has an even more complex social context. Adherents of the style defy traditional gender roles and embrace the freedom to be themselves. While many of the adherents of the Cottagecore aesthetic don’t consider themselves to be political, it does share a common experience of contrasting affluence with a distinctly modern lifestyle. It is closely related to the LGBTQ community as a means of showcasing queerness in a rural environment.


If you’re wondering if emo is for you, think again. The aesthetics of emo music and videos are not based on their original source material. They’re purely visuals. That doesn’t mean they’re any less popular. There’s an entire subculture that is dedicated to the emo aesthetic. The following is a brief introduction to Emo.

The first emo band is called Fugazi. They are considered the forefathers of punk rock, and their raw sound and fashion style are characteristic of this aesthetic. Their no-nonsense attitude was reflected in their clothing and art. Another early purveyor of the grunge aesthetic is Sunny Day Real Estate. The band’s debut record on Sub Pop was a classic and has become synonymous with emo music and fashion. The band’s woolly guitars channel raw emotion in their music and clothing.

The emo subculture first exploded in popularity around 2005, and has steadily declined since then. The trend died out in the early 2010s, but some individuals and groups have continued to participate. Emo aesthetics overlap with other subcultures, including Goth and Scene, as well as negative emotions. Listed below are some of the main styles of emo. So, if you’re looking for a unique style, try emo!

The second main style aesthetics is the emo music subculture. Popular bands in this genre include My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco, and Green Day. The emo genre has been heavily diluted for mass consumption, but if you’re a true emo, you can spend a decade yelling at Green Day. Alternatively, you can listen to more sophisticated music and bands without compromising your emo aesthetic.


There are several types of indie style aesthetics. The first type is the basic one. Essentially, the basic look would consist of band shirts, midi floral skirts, flannels, beanies, natural hair, and almost no makeup. This style also emphasizes individualism and bold colors. Often, indie blogs will feature low quality photos that are grainy for a vintage look. If you want to try an indie look for yourself, Cosmique Studio sells indie style clothing.

In the early days of Indie style aesthetics, many films and music were dark and ‘arty’. However, this aesthetic began to take shape with the rise of Gen-Z, the latest digital natives. Gen-Z’s increasingly digital-based lifestyles saw the end of the ‘arty’ aesthetic as it gave way to softcore edginess in the post-COVID age. With more millennials turning to YouTube and social media as their main source of entertainment, this new aesthetic became a strong force in the world.

Another example of an indie aesthetic is the 1980s. The ’80s are a popular decade in indie fashion, and bands have embraced this style as part of their identity. These shirts are not only comfortable and stylish, but they also lend a sense of edge to any outfit. And since band t-shirts can be worn all year round, they are an excellent choice for spring and summer. Bandanas are also a classic indie style item. Whether worn as a neck scarf or headband, these colorful garments are a great way to showcase your inner style.

For the indie style, consider a cropped sweater to add a bit of style to a regular sweater. They are important elements of indie outfits, as they complement a busy skirt pattern and work with almost any bottom. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a cropped sweater, you can always wear a dress. It also makes a great base for a denim jacket, jeans, or skirt.

Popular Style Aesthetics of 2021

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