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Participate in A Fashion Hub

Fashion Hub is an Altaroma venture dedicated to scouting, mentoring, and promoting of latest Fashion Talents of Made In Italy. The hub offers talented designers, emerging from various Fashion Schools, Institutes, and Fashion Universities, all the space of the Fashion Hub.

The European fashion is getting global with the new concepts of ‘Made In Italy’ and ‘European Style’ being the main trends.

Many young designers are now showing their work from homes and with a few exhibition spots.

So far, the response has been overwhelming, with high hopes for the future.

The significant features of this innovative online fashion hub include Expert Opinion from E-Waste Experts; Women/Men’s Fashion Wear of the Season; Selection of International Special Projects; News, Special reports and Blogs; Client Referral Service and Client Appreciation Programs.

These services help clients, textile manufacturers, and fashion advisers better serve their customers and give them more value for their money.

The jury commentary provides valuable insights and allows you to participate actively in the fashion hub.

Fashion advisers/ stylists are trained to offer guidance to clients according to their individual needs and requirements.

Clients/furniture makers/clients receive timely feedback and actively participate in fashion design competitions and seminars.

This innovative website brings you a new perspective of the fashion world.

You get first-hand information on the latest Italian fashion and European fashion trends.

The fashion industry is growing day by day due to new technologies and innovations.

But the real challenge lies in maintaining the traditional values of fashion.

Italian and European designers are highly praised for their innovation in the textile industry.

They use innovative weaving techniques, a combination of textiles and traditional designs to craft some of the best pieces.

The website provides an exciting opportunity to create your own project name, design, and style for your clothing line.

The website has a unique feature of “jury commentaries,” where designers present their work through the backdrop of “jury.”

It allows making detailed comments on various fashion issues. “

Jury commentaries” also include a photo of their works and gives a complete idea behind the work.

“Fashion Designers” is a comprehensive site for all those people in the fashion industry. Topics related to fashion designing can be searched using different parameters.

Topics related to the Fashion Designers can include the project name, design concept, price range, etc.

The site also lists top designer’s work from past years.

“Fashion Designers” is a beneficial site for fashion designers. It helps them create or find a project name and price range.

The “Project Authors” section contains a complete list of fashion designers who have posted their work on the internet.

Some of the project authors provide full biography with links to other websites.

Some of the designers have interstitial space where their previous clients can comment or post their criticism.

The “Fashion Ideas Competition” is a new feature on the fashion hub.

The site allows budding fashion designers to showcase their ideas for a fee.

When any new client registers, they get the opportunity to show the client their portfolio.

The latest addition to the site is a money-back guarantee scheme for any unsatisfied client. If the client is not satisfied with the service, they can return the fee paid for the project.

The “Fashion Ideas Competition” has become a trendy way for young designers to get exposure.

The best part about this is that the designers are compensated only if they win the competition.

The other exciting aspect is that this helps develop networking with other young and upcoming designers in the textile market.

The local fashion industry is in a transition phase. We are seeing many new designers taking the plunge into the textile industry.

This means that the textile market is ripe with opportunities for talented young people.

Participating in fashion shows and becoming an established textile designer can be the beginning of a long journey.

Participate in A Fashion Hub

Participate in A Fashion Hub

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