How to Tell a Real Coach From a Fake

How can you tell a real Coach from its counterfeit counterpart? The Authenticity tag on a COACH handbag can tell you a lot. The color and feel of the leather and bonded leather should match the color of the COACH logo on the purse. The stitching should also be sturdy and not floppy or frayed. If the stitching is ripped or frayed, the wallet or purse is not a genuine COACH product.

Authenticity tags distinguish a real Coach from a fake

The most effective way to tell if a coach handbag is authentic is to check its authenticity tag. The tag should be white, in capital letters, with four numbers after the “A.” It should also be stitched uniformly throughout the bag and contain the Coach logo. A fake tag will not have this detail. The other way to identify an authentic Coach handbag is to look for its tag’s size.

A genuine Coach bag will always have an authenticity tag on the outside. It will contain the name of the designer brand, a paragraph describing the bag’s history, and a unique serial number. If the tag does not contain this information, then the bag is probably a fake. Another way to identify a real Coach bag is to check its pictures on the website. Most authentic Coach bags will also feature a serial number.

The creed on a Coach bag contains information about its origin and history. If the creed is neatly spelled, it is real. If it’s sloppy, it’s a fake. The creed will also include a serial number, which will vary from bag to bag. You can also find the serial number inside the pocket, which will have a number indicating its year of manufacture and model.

Another way to tell if a Coach handbag is a fake is to check its lining. The inside of a genuine coach handbag is a solid-colored satin. High-quality knockoffs have a tooth-hound lining. A fake will have a signature C lining. A fake bag with a tooth-hound lining is probably a fake.

Color of sales tags

The most obvious way to identify a fake Coach handbag is its color. Real Coach sales tags are white and feature the MSRP price of the purse, style number, and abbreviated description. Fake Coach sales tags are brown or red, and are attached to an imitation metal hangtag. Also, fake Coach bags usually do not come with a care card or booklet, and instead, have only a small business card-style tag.

Another way to identify a fake is the font. It should be bold and easily legible. The serial number should be legible, with letters and numbers evenly spaced on the tag. Also, the stitching should be even and not doubled. A stitchless leather hangtag will also be a dead giveaway. If it is not, then the bag is likely a fake. Check the font on the price tag.

Authenticity tag

One of the most important aspects of authenticating a Coach bag is the authenticity tag. This small leather keyfob has a small, gold-colored creed inscribed on it. It contains the MSRP of the bag and an abbreviated description of the style. The creed is not always legible on fake Coach bags, as some counterfeits have spelling mistakes or no creed at all.

The serial number is usually stamped on the tag. Large Coach bags usually have leather patches with the serial number of the bag sewn in the center. Smaller Coach bags, however, may not have a leather patch, but they will still have a serial number. The tag will also have a sales tag that lists the bag’s serial number. If it doesn’t, then you don’t have an authentic Coach bag.

Another red flag is over-stitching. A COACH bag’s stitching should be uniform and even. Any cheap threads will pull out of the leather and may be a fake. Additionally, the creed should be written in English, not Chinese or Korean. There should be no spelling errors or other sloppy construction. Additionally, the creed should be neatly and firmly attached to the bag.

Another factor to consider is the style number. Before 1994, Coach assigned style numbers to each bag. These style numbers are not included in the bag’s serial number. Therefore, two bags that look identical may be authentic. You should also check the shape of the hardware. Most modern Coach bags are manufactured in China. The creed should say the country of manufacture. Authenticity tags can also be found on fabric or in the lining of the bag.

Authenticity tag color

An authentic Coach bag should have a creed or emblem tag inside the bag. If you do not see this tag, then the bag is probably a fake. Authentic Coach bags will have two C patterns, whereas fakes only have one C. A genuine Coach bag has a perfect horizontal and vertical alignment. A fake will not have the same color tag. Moreover, it may have a “Made in China” tag on the outside.

A genuine Coach bag has a solid lining. The lining of the Coach bag will be made of silk-like or twill material. Some newer bags may also have a rainbow-colored lining. However, a real Coach bag will have an individual stitching. The tag must also have the Coach stamp on the clasp, not a signature logo. It should also have a solid lining.

The tag’s color is one way to identify a real Coach. While the tags are a key feature of a genuine Coach bag, some fakes don’t have hangtags. A real Coach bag will have a metallic hangtag, while a fake will have a leather hangtag. This is because counterfeiters tend to mass-produce metal tags. It is advisable to look for tags made from leather to prevent a fake.

Another way to identify a real Coach from a fake is by checking the creed on the bag. The creed on a Coach bag is the unique serial number and details of its origin. The creed should be neat, but a fake will have a messed up spelling or may be missing the serial number. If the creed on the bag isn’t clean or well-written, it is not a real Coach.

Authenticity tag border

The authenticity tag on a Coach bag is made up of leather square panels with a branded serial number. Authentic tags are stitched onto the bags and describe the origin and making of the bag. If the tag is glued on or the serial number is inked on, the bag is not authentic. Check for these signs to identify a fake. Here are some ways to spot an authentic Coach bag:

A fake Coach logo will appear bronze or bear a leatherware logo in its center. A fake Coach logo has a metal hangtag attached to the back and will not be as easy to read. The style line is a key part of authenticating a Coach bag.

How to Tell a Real Coach From a Fake

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