How to Style a Lingerie Slip Dress

There are many ways to style a lingerie slip dress. Some styles are laced while others are see-through. In this article I will give you tips for each style and how to make it work with any wardrobe. There are also ways to dress your lingerie slip dress up and down to make it look chic. I hope you enjoy reading! Until next time, happy styling! If you’re looking for some inspiration, read on.

lingerie slip dress

If you’re not sure how to wear a lingerie slip dress, consider the latest trends. This fall, plunging necklines are huge! Show off your beautifully detailed bra! Slip dresses with plunging necklines look sophisticated and special. Pair your slip dress with leggings for the office, or with a jacket and scarf for the perfect fall/winter ensemble. The possibilities are endless!

If you’re looking for the perfect lingerie slip dress, the first step is to select a style that compliments your body shape and is flattering. A slip dress is typically fitted through the waist, but can be styled with high-heeled shoes and statement jewelry. Wearing it with statement jewelry and a high-heeled shoe can make you look incredibly beautiful! If you’re wearing your slip dress on a special occasion, a dress is the perfect choice!

If you’re not into exposing too much skin, a lingerie slip dress is also a versatile piece to wear. Slip dresses look great with almost anything, and can be worn with a denim jacket during summer and a sweater during winter. In addition, a tee or thin turtleneck under a sweater or denim jacket makes a great transitional piece for the transition from summer to fall.

lace trim

Adding lace trim to your lingerie slip can add a sophisticated finishing touch to your lingerie wardrobe. This women’s lingerie slip comes in a rich, midnight blue satin and is embellished with white lace along the neckline, hemline and straps. Its bodice is a bit blousy with an elasticized waistline, while the skirt part is moderately full. Stunning French-style lace adorns the hemline, ending mid-thigh.

The intricate lace trim along the mid-length lingerie slip dress combines with the racerback of the lingerie slip. Pair this mid-length slip dress with a long sleeve t-shirt or sweater to look elegant and classy. This style is perfect for everyday wear, with the added benefit of covering up the bust. A mid-length slip dress can be worn with a pair of high-rise heels and a sweater.

Lingerie slips are a lightweight undergarment worn over a foundation garment. They are usually made from various fabrics and typically have narrow straps that cover the entire body from the bust to the fashionable hemline. These slips were often made in complementary colors to go with the sheer dresses they complemented. While most were white, beige, and black, red was also a ‘racy’ option. A mid-20s fit is tubular and loose. Trimmed lingerie slips are often adorned with lace and have a small slit for the crotch.

bare top

When styling a lilac lace thong or a red plunge lace strappy teddy, there are many options for tops. A thong is a great choice for public appearance because it provides adequate coverage and adds a hint of seduction. The sheer lace bodice on this piece makes it a great option for the evening out because it can be worn with a printed skirt or your favorite leather jacket.

If you are wearing a lace thong or a lace lingerie slip, you’ll want to choose a top that shows off the fabric underneath. You can also wear a small jacket or crop top to balance out the revealing top. However, beware of exposing your bust, as this could make the top look unflattering. Instead, opt for a thicker, more durable material, such as a silky fabric or a heavy satin.

Wearing a lace bustier or bralette under a top is also an option to enhance the effect of your lingerie slip. This is an excellent choice for ladies who do not want to expose their arms or entire bodies. You can even wear it under a blazer or a pair of trousers. There are several options for balancing the sexy look and achieving a perfect balance between fashion and style.


One easy way to dress up your lingerie slip dress is to wear a statement necklace. There are several options for necklaces to wear under the dress. Some slips are sheer and some are clingy. You can also layer a jacket over it, and you can switch it up depending on the temperature. If you live in a mild climate, you can layer a sweater or turtleneck on top of your slip dress, and then pair it with tall boots. Another option is to wear a tank top over the dress, with a wide strap, in any colour.

Choosing the right type of lingerie slip is important. Slips with a scoop neck are ideal for layering under a boat neck, a Chinese collar, or a V-neck top. They can also be layered underneath sheer fabrics, such as a bikini or a minidress. However, a sheer or light-weight lingerie slip may not be as versatile as a nylon or polyester-based lingerie top.

If you want to make your lingerie slip look more modest, choose a lighter-coloured dress with a heavier material. A light-coloured, denim-look dress can help. If you’re curvy, you can still try this look with a bodycon dress. You can also wear a lace bralette underneath a blazer or trousers. The lace will not show through and will keep your outfit from being too conspicuous.


The question is: how to wear lingerie as outerwear? The lace bodysuit or corset is a great underpinning, especially when paired with a blazer or suit. This form-fitting item offers just a hint of allure beneath your outer layers, and can add a sexy touch to your outfit during the warmer months. The key to styling this lingerie undergarment is to make sure the dress code and environment allow for the garment.

For a sexy look, you can wear a blazer over your lingerie slip to hide the see-through effect. Another option is to wear a statement belt to balance out the sexiness of your slip. The blazer will help you look sexy and trendy at the same time. The blazer will also keep the lingerie slip from looking too flashy.

When paired with a blazer, your lingerie slip will be covered up in a sophisticated way, without sacrificing its modesty. You can wear a plaid blazer to complete the look, and make sure to match the blazer’s color to your lingerie slip. A tonal look always looks polished. Remember to match your blazer with your slip dress’ accessories, as well.


There are a few different ways to style a lingerie slip. One way is to pair it with an oversized turtleneck. This will eliminate the need for a scarf and lend warmth to the silky slip dress. Another option is to wear blackout tights with your slip dress and pair it with a pair of sock boots. Layering is the key to this look, as the more layers you have, the better.

A lace-up neckline lingerie slip can be paired with a low-neck top or short dress. A slitted slip can also be used as a skirt. A midi-length slip can be paired with a swishy moto boot. Wear it with boots to keep the look casual and chic. Slip dresses are great for the winter season because they can easily be paired with boots to give a feminine, yet still edgy look.

How to Style a Lingerie Slip Dress

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