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How to Look Good in Jeans With Big Thighs

If you are concerned that your big thighs might make you appear overweight, don’t fret. There are ways to wear jeans that will help you look good, even if you have big thighs. Genes can affect your body shape, and while some people have angular bodies and skinny thighs, others have rounder figures and big thighs. However, despite your bigger high, there are ways to look good in jeans that will keep you looking thin and sleek.

Straight-leg jeans

A great style for big thighs is the straight-leg jean. These jeans have a slimmer silhouette than skinny jeans and skim the thigh without falling. Unlike skinny jeans, they are not form-fitting around the thighs, making them a great choice for curvy bodies. Straight-leg jeans also feature wide leg openings, making them comfortable for any body shape. You can wear them with any type of shoe you choose, including heels.

Those with extra thigh space can opt for the Levi Straight Leg Jean. This style comes in sizes ranging from 4 to 24, so you can find a pair that fits your shape. These jeans also have a mid-rise waist, giving you a great look and feel while maintaining a comfortable fit throughout the thigh area. In addition to having a comfortable fit, these jeans feature a zip fly and are mid-rise.

Men with big thighs can choose straight-leg jeans for an office outfit. They can be paired with a pretty blouse or button-down shirt and a statement necklace or oversized sunglasses. If you have thicker thighs, avoid choosing tight jeans, as these will make your thighs look bulkier. If your thighs are too big for straight-leg jeans, consider boyfriend jeans. These are also a great choice for casual wear. They skim the thighs and are comfortable for daily wear. You might have to try on several pairs before you find the perfect fit.

Straight-cut pants

If you’ve got big thighs, you may want to avoid wearing straight-cut jeans. These are not made for women with small thighs and thigh gaps. Although they look good on models, they can make you feel shitty. If you’re not sure what to look for in a pair of jeans, here are some tips:

Choose straight-cut pants in sizes that are close to your natural waist. The midrise is in the middle of the range between the lowest and highest rise. Straight-cut pants are generally higher than regular pants, but they can be just as flattering. In general, men’s pants and denim rarely have a wide range of rises. Therefore, it’s best to buy a pair that fits correctly and comfortably.

You can save money on buying jeans online because most websites allow you to try them on first. Unlike in-store fitting, online shoppers can read reviews of different jeans and compare the fit. If you have a slim waist, you can buy a pair of jeans in a smaller size and save $10-$15 in tailoring costs. However, if you have a big thigh, you can’t try on jeans for a longer period.

Straight-leg shorts

There are several ways to look good in straight-leg shorts if you have large thighs. One way is to choose flowy, heavy-embellished shorts since tight shorts often ride up in the crotch. A pair of these will make your entire ensemble look classy and stylish. If you’re not sure how to choose the right pair, try looking for a loose pair with a tighter top.

Another way to disguise your thighs is to wear cuffed shorts. They will create a thick line at the widest point of your leg, making it appear smaller or larger. The width of the cuff will determine how wide your thighs appear, so choose a pair that hits below or above the widest area. You can also customize the cuff to make your thighs look smaller or bigger. Wider cuffs can hide your thighs, while a thinner cuff can accentuate them.

To avoid looking too short in your shorts, get a pair that is a little bit longer. These are the most flattering on most women. Also, if you are prone to getting your thighs tucked into a cleavage, look for shorts that have a high waist. If you have big thighs, you can find the perfect pair by following these tips.

Straight-leg jean with a mid-rise contour waistband

Straight-leg jeans are a classic shape that gives the appearance of a slim fit. The mid-rise contour waistband helps to maintain the jeans’ proper fit, while roomy legs keep the jeans comfortable and in place. They come in many colors and washes, and a subtle knee rip can add a fun, casual twist. A darker wash will give you a dressier look.

This pair of pants is a close cousin to straight-leg jeans. Chan wanted to wear vintage mom jeans, but couldn’t find any plus-size versions. Now, she’s found a pair made for curvy figures at American Eagle. The jeans’ mid-rise contour waistband accommodates a wider hip-to-waist ratio and has room in the thighs. They also come in four different lengths, including an extra-long version that fits up to size 14.

One pair of straight-leg jeans with a mid-rise sculpted waistband is a must-have for the wardrobe of a big-thighed woman. The brand’s AYR One loves jeans are a staple pair of jeans that feel like a million dollars. The brand’s jeans are made from innovative Sculptek fiber that moves with you, like a second skin.

Baggy jeans

Despite your big thigh problem, baggy jeans are still a great choice for your wardrobe. The popular loose-fitting styles have also been updated to include 90s-style skater pants. They were once only available on the catwalks, but today, you can buy them anywhere, from department stores to online boutiques. Here’s how to look good in baggy jeans.

Try to pair your baggy jeans with something equally oversized. A pair of fitted turtlenecks or a slim trench can balance out the look. Adding feminine details such as hoops or gold-link necklaces can also balance out the masculine effect. And to complete your look, consider buying a trendy handbag. The right accessory can make or break the look. If you’re not sure about the look of your baggy jeans, here’s a tip: wear a pair of sneakers.

Avoid sizing up, as this can make you look like a kid in his dad’s closet. Try wearing ’90s-inspired dad-fit jeans to flatter your thick thighs. They’re also very comfortable and look good. And if you’re feeling brave, try on the ’90s-inspired dad-fit jeans. You’ll thank yourself later!

Wide or straight-cut trousers

Women with big thighs have trouble finding pants that fit. Knowing what cuts and shapes flatter your body will help you hide problem areas and balanced proportions. Wide or straight-cut trousers are the best option for covering your thigh area, while empire-cut dresses create a feminine hourglass silhouette. You can also try jeans to balance out the shape of your thighs. To find the right pair of jeans for you, choose a brand with a petite fit.

The waist and rise of a pair of trousers will help you gauge their fit. This will also help you avoid looking like a little boy in his dad’s closet. Always try on new pants to ensure they fit you properly. Once you’ve found the right size, you’ll be ready to shop! Try on as many pairs as you can, and remember to make note of your measurements. You can also try them on to see which one fits you the best.

Dark-hued denim

If you have big thighs, you should look for jeans in a dark wash. Not only are dark-hued denim affordable, but they also make your legs appear slimmer. Deep indigo-washed jeans are perfect for this. But make sure the jeans you choose have a clean finish, as fraying and whiskering can look unattractive on grown-up-sized legs.

You can also consider purchasing jeans with a flared leg, as these pants skim the thigh area without clinging to the body. Flare-leg jeans also flatter the pear-shaped figure because they balance the wider hip and thigh areas. The wide-leg also elongates the legs. Moreover, light-hued jeans do not show flabby legs.

Stretch denim

If you’re short and have huge thighs, you might wonder how to look good in stretch denim. While high-rise jeans aren’t for you, mid-rise jeans do offer more room for big thighs. They’re a cotton-poly blend with just a bit of elastane and have a mid-rise waist. They’re mid-rise at the waist but slightly relaxed around the hips.

A great tip for minimizing the gap between your thighs and waist is to buy stretch jeans that don’t gap at the waist. Stretch jeans are comfortable and can stand up to a lot of activities, including squatting and climbing. Sewn-in elastane makes them stretch and comfortable. These jeans will also sit low enough so they don’t cut into your gut when you’re walking around.

One way to look great in stretch jeans with big thighs is to buy a petite size. Many petite women prefer these jeans, which are usually cheaper than sizing up a size. By buying a smaller size, you can save $10-$15 on tailoring. Similarly, if you’re petite, you can go for a high-rise pair of jeans that have a shorter inseam.

How to Look Good in Jeans With Big Thighs

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