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How to Dress Over 60 and Overweight

Regardless of age, you can still look younger in a dress. Patterned and neutral-colored dresses will make you look younger. Also, choose floor-length or knee-length dresses instead of strapless ones. You can also buy a dress in a neutral color and pair it with a pair of flats or heels. Here are some tips to help you dress better than your age. If you are overweight and over 60, invest in some classic pieces and avoid patterned pieces.

Pattern dresses make you look younger

For women over sixty, pattern dresses can look younger. Use brighter colors and wear pumps or pointed flats. If you are over sixty and overweight, wear neutral florals, which can look outdated. Brighter florals are more youthful. When wearing patterns, make sure they are simple and consistent and limit the amount of jewelry you wear. A pearl necklace or a brooch can add a youthful touch.

When dressing over 60, it is best to avoid large, voluminous pieces and prints. Small floral prints can look frumpy on older women. Choose small, subtle patterns that can hide your belly. The colors you choose are up to you. Pattern dresses also look younger than they are. Besides, they make you feel more comfortable. The more comfortable you are, the more likely you are to wear them.

Denim jeans look great on older women and can be stretchable and soft. A trench coat can be paired with various scarves and hats. The monochromatic dressing does not require matching items. The white dress is the king of fashion for older women. It will make you feel compelling. Contrary to popular belief, a white dress will never go out of style. You can pair it with a scarf or a white top.

Neutral colors make you look younger

If you’re over 60 and overweight, wearing a simple, neutral-colored outfit is the way to go. Try a light pink or calorie-free color shirt. Pair it with a pair of skinny or regular pants and a pale-colored shoe. This outfit is sure to flatter your figure while still making you look younger. It’s easy to pull off, too: all you need to do is wear a light-colored top with a pair of pants that are both neutral and calorie-free.

Floor-length or knee-length dresses

If you’re overweight or over 60, you probably won’t wear a floor-length dress. You should stick to knee-length dresses, or slightly longer, if possible. For everyday wear, a knee-length dress will visually balance your proportions. If you’re fat, choose a dress that reaches the mid-calf, and stay away from flesh-colored tights with a glossy sheen.

For formal events, you may want to avoid wearing a floor-length dress unless the party is particularly formal. Dresses with a low rise aren’t suitable for the majority of events. Rather, go for a more conservative color, such as navy blue or dark wash. You can add some glam by choosing a beautiful bag. This way, you can look fabulous without being too revealing.

Beautiful colors can make you look much younger, and a greenish-grey dress with a skinny belt will give you an appealing appearance. Wearing a denim jacket will complete your look and keep you warm in winter. And if you’re over 60 and overweight, a denim jacket is a must! These are just a few tips for dressing better when you’re over 60 and overweight.

How to Dress Over 60 and Overweight

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