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How to Dress Inverted Triangles in Jeans

When dressing your inverted triangle, avoid wearing a high-neck top. This will emphasize your torso and make your inverted triangle look even more pronounced. Wear a nipped waistcoat, a fitted one, or a palazzo. Dark-colored coats will help you slim your waist, while embellishments on your shoulders will draw attention to them. Avoid big collars and epaulets. Baggy trousers and turn-ups will add volume to your upper body, and combat pants and flares, harem pants, and wide-leg styles will look great on your inverted triangle.


A great way to add volume to the bottom half of an inverted triangle is to wear wide-leg jeans. These types of pants balance the wide shoulders and hips of an inverted triangle body shape. You can also choose flared jeans. There are many other styles of jeans to choose from, so be sure to read the label on your pants before purchasing them. This article will discuss the most common styles and how to dress inverted triangles in jeans-on-denim.

When choosing a top, look for a shirt with an asymmetric neckline or a halter top. The asymmetric neckline will draw attention to the shoulders, while the loose and wide sleeves will accentuate the hips. A loose-fitting top with embellishments on the shoulder will add volume to the hips and play down the upper body. For skirts, choose those with wide legs and wear sandals to keep the outfit looking more proportionate.

Fit and flare

If you’re wondering how to dress an inverted triangle, you’re not alone. There are many ways to wear a simple, flowy dress that flatters your shape. Try a babydoll style, which looks great on this body type. Just make sure it has sleeveless sleeves. Maxi’s Are More Fun has a great dress for this shape that has a halter neckline, banded waist, and an A-line skirt.

When choosing a dress for an inverted triangle, remember that your top half is generally stronger than your bottom. Therefore, balancing your wardrobe with more volume on your lower half can help you look your best. These articles discuss several different strategies for balancing your outfits. You can also play with color and texture in your wardrobe to give your figure a more balanced look. And don’t forget to play with sleeves and volumes.

Inverted triangle ladies should wear dresses with a mermaid or trumpet shape. These shapes will hug their bodies nicely, balancing their shoulders. A flounced skirt can add volume to your lower half while giving you an elegant look. In addition, the lean, toned legs of an inverted triangle are the best assets! Wear a pair of bright shoes to draw attention to your legs.

Mermaid silhouette

The mermaid silhouette has been a popular choice for brides with a curvy figures and is particularly flattering on straighter figures. Kim Kardashian West wore a custom lace mermaid gown at her wedding in 2014, and Riccardo Tisci, creative director of Burberry, has several designs to choose from. The mermaid silhouette is the most versatile and flattering shape for all body types.

This body shape has broader shoulders and hips than the rest of the body. It is best to avoid anything with shoulder embellishments or padded shoulders. Also, avoid tops that are too structured or puffy, as this can lead to unflatteringly wide shoulders and hips. Similarly, a trumpet-cut dress will add volume below the waistline, balancing the pronounced shape. This silhouette is also flattering for women with a rounded waist.

A mermaid dress has a full skirt on the bottom, which balances out broad shoulders. In contrast, a trumpet dress is less fitted at the waist and allows more movement, while a pear-shaped dress is flattering for hourglass or pear-shaped bodies. The latter two silhouettes are similar, but one differs slightly. A mermaid dress is a popular choice for wedding dresses.

Dolman sleeve

Inverted triangles can wear a variety of sleeve styles. For the best results, stay away from styles with heavy embellishments on the shoulder. Instead, stick to fitted and flowy shirts and sweaters that extend past the shoulder line. Avoid cropped and boxy styles as they will make your shape look square. To add interest and volume to your body, try a long sleeve with a little flare at the cuff.

Inverted triangles should also avoid puffy sleeves, shoulder pads, and long hemlines. Soft, tailored fabrics will help your shape look its best. Also, don’t be afraid to play up your wide shoulders with a flared skirt. If you’re unsure of the shape of your body, consider a Dolman sleeve for a stylish and flattering look.

When choosing an inverted triangle-friendly top, choose an A-line or full skirt with a belt and some statement-making accessories. The top half of your body should be light in color and your bottom should be darker. In addition to a tee with a Dolman sleeve, you can also wear a wide-leg cropped dress with sandals. You can also pair it with a belt or sunglasses for a complete look.

Wrap style tops

An inverted triangle body shape is defined by its broad shoulders and narrow upper half. To balance this shape, wear clothes with a defined waist and a soft neckline. Avoid tops with wide shoulders and high necklines. A wrap top can be worn to give the illusion of more volume below the waist and play down wide shoulders. Wrap tops are versatile and can be worn with any bottom half color. Here are some suggestions to dress in an inverted triangle.

To balance the overall look of a wrap top, choose a color that highlights your hips. If you wear a darker color, it will play down your upper body. If you wear a top with embellishments, this will draw attention away from your shoulders. Inverted triangle women are best suited for straight-cut or slim-fit jumpers. Wrap-style tops can be worn with a variety of tops and a belt to balance out the proportions.

Halter tops

If you have an inverted triangle body shape, you should avoid suffocating clothes, so find pieces that are soft and accentuate your waistline. Avoid wide, low necklines, and opt for modest, gentle V-necklines instead. Wearing the right kind of clothes will help you feel good about your appearance, too. Halter tops are a great choice for this body type.

A halter top with a deep V-neck can add volume to your torso, giving you a more balanced look. If your shoulders are broad, choose styles that soften them so that your top looks more balanced. For your upper body, wear dark colors and add embellishments. For your legs, choose slim-fit or straight-cut jumpers to bring out your shape. Using statement jewelry can draw attention to your lean legs and balance your proportions.

Similarly, cropped and flared pants help accentuate your upper body while hiding flaws. Flare-leg pants are a good choice for an inverted triangle body shape. They create the illusion of hips and add volume to the lower body. Lastly, choose skirts that are flared or long-sleeved to draw attention to your hips. You can also try a halter top to dress an inverted triangle.

Wrap skirts

Inverted triangles are defined by their broad shoulders and narrow hips. They can make their body appear slimmer by wearing clothes with volume and a defined waistline. They also benefit from necklines with narrow scoops or gentle Vs. Here are a few tips for dressing an inverted triangle. You can wear anything from a wrap skirt to a midi skirt, as long as it balances your figure out.

Wear statement jewelry or shoes to draw attention to your shoulders and cleavage. Wear a statement necklace or pair of earrings to draw attention to your upper body. A wrap skirt is an ideal choice for an inverted triangle. Styled properly, it can be used as an excellent alternative to a pencil skirt or a long-sleeved shirt. For added interest, wear a statement necklace or bracelet.

You can also balance your upper body with a wide-leg skirt or A-line dress. For your upper body, wear something with interesting detailing around the midsection. Avoid wide necklines. Lastly, try to stay away from pencil skirts, which can accentuate your wide shoulders. For a slimmer silhouette, wrap skirts can help you achieve this. If you can’t make up your mind, wear a skirt with a high waist and a fitted style.

Dolman sleeves

Inverted triangle bodies look flattering in a variety of sleeve styles, from raglans to Dolmans. Avoid sleeves with big embellishments or padded shoulders, as they will accentuate your wide shoulders and make them look wider than they are. Instead, stick to simple, longer styles with flowing sleeves, which end at the shoulder line. Also, avoid cropped or boxy styles, as they will make you look square.

Asymmetrical necklines, such as halter tops, will create a balance and draw the eye away from your wide shoulders. Similarly, short and wide sleeves are a great way to balance out an inverted triangle’s narrow waist. Flare hemlines and bell sleeves, which create a wide illusion of hips, are also flattering. These tips will help you wear different kinds of sleeve and shoulder designs to look your best!

A-line and full-length skirts are great choices for an inverted triangle body shape. You can wear a variety of colors and prints, but be sure to choose light colors and prints to draw attention away from your inverted triangle’s wide shoulders. For an even more dramatic look, wear a dress with a V-neck, a low-slung belt, and a bold, statement necklace.

How to Dress Inverted Triangles in Jeans

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