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How to Dress an Apple Body Shape

If you want to know how to dress an apple body shape, you’ll need some basic advice. To start, stay away from tight-fitting shirts and crop tops. You can also avoid wearing anything with a different pattern on the belly and sleeve hemlines. Below are some examples of what to avoid. Once you have a general idea of what to avoid, it’s time to get dressed!

Avoid crop tops

Flowy skirts that skim the body are flattering for the apple body shape. Full circle skirts or high-low skirts emphasize the torso and legs. A-line skirts look great with a simple top. Avoid crop tops or peplum tops when dressing an apple body shape. Plus-size shapewear can hide lumps and bulges. Choose simple silhouettes that emphasize your waist and legs.

Empire-waisted dresses are flattering to the apple shape because of their pretty waistline and long torso. Empire-waisted dresses look stunning with either flats or heels. Creating a flattering silhouette with structured clothing will make you feel good about your body shape. If you feel uncomfortable in a crop top, you can have it altered to fit. Alternatively, you can wear a structured dress to enhance your figure.

The apple body shape is a flattering shape that accentuates its full bust, slim hips, and slender legs while concealing a tummy. Cropped tops and tight-fitting shirts should be avoided. Avoid tight-fitting tops as these can highlight the waist and make the torso look wider than it is. Open-collar clothing also works well on an apple body shape. Choose garments that skim over the torso, highlighting your slender waist and enhancing your bust.

If you have a large stomach, you can still wear a crop top. Look for one that is dark in color and has cutouts or embellishments. Asymmetrical tops also look good on an apple shape. Contrasting colors and patterns can help camouflage a bulge. A wide hemline will draw the eye upwards, drawing attention to your waist. If your stomach isn’t very large, opt for a flowy dress instead.

Avoid tight-fitted shirts

When choosing clothes for an apple body shape, make sure that the waistline is fitted and sits just above the love handles. Your waist should appear smaller than your hips and upper body. A good pair of sweatpants is best, as they’re fitted around the waist but have a lot of giving at the hips. Pair these sweatpants with a crop top or push-up workout bra. You can choose a wide-leg pair of pants or a skirt with a high-waisted design to hide your tummy.

Shirts with a loose fit can elongate your figure and make your belly appear smaller. The easiest seasons to dress an apple body shape are the fall and winter months when layers of fabric can skim the belly and create long, lean lines. As spring and summer come around, add more layers to your look. This way, you can show off your legs and still look great. Whether you want to add a little or a lot of layers, the key to a flattering outfit for your apple shape is to make it your own.

Shirts with asymmetrical hems and clinging sleeves will not look good on an apple body shape. Instead, opt for asymmetrical shirts and blouses to accentuate your shoulders and bust. In addition, try to avoid asymmetrical hemlines or asymmetrical fronts to minimize your torso. You can also try wearing ruched blouses, as this will draw attention away from your belly area and make your figure appear longer.

Avoid wearing a different pattern in the belly area

When dressing for an apple body shape, avoid patterns that will emphasize your tummy. This can create a larger belly, and you don’t want that! To balance the body’s proportions, add volume to your torso, and wear loose clothing with a high waist. A V-neck or a scoop neck will help to draw attention away from your tummy and highlight your bust and decolletage.

If you want to emphasize your bust, try a bold color top with an empire waist. Similarly, wearing a necklace or statement earrings can also help. Also, look for skirts with a high waist, and choose dark boots to balance the dress’ hemline. High-waisted jeans will hit you right in the stomach area. This is a great way to draw attention away from the middle, and a flattering cut will make you look great.

When dressing an apple body shape, you want to emphasize your best assets. This will help draw attention away from problem areas around the tummy. For instance, a small belt, a contrasting color, or a contrasting pattern in the belly area can help. An apple body shape also looks good in skirts that show off your waist. Generally, skirts in this shape should hit the knee or calf.

Avoid wearing a sleeve hemline

To avoid looking like a hulk, wear tops that end below the hip line. Tight-fitting shirts, crop tops, and dresses with long sleeves will add a bit of bulk around the midriff. You can also try wearing shorts and loose-fitting tops, which will balance out the wider area of the midsection. Avoid wearing wide-hemmed tops because they will draw attention away from the wider part of the body.

For an apple body shape, the length of the jacket’s sleeves should be slightly longer than its length. Wear a long coat that hits at the upper thigh or a vest with an a-line cut. Also, look for coats with belted waists and two breast pockets. Dressing up your legs can be tricky, so avoid wearing sweaters with short sleeve hemlines.

For an apple body shape, a sleeve hemline that is too wide will draw attention to the tummy area. Wear sleeves that end at the hemline near the waist. This will create an illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body. And don’t forget to add layers to your look. Knit sweaters, skirts, and coats with pockets are also great options for an apple body shape.

Avoid wearing a v-neck tunic

An apple body shape is known for its great bust area, nice legs, and a great bustline. When dressing for this body type, it is important to choose the right fabric to create balance and length. Stay away from slinky, clingy fabrics like jerseys and polyester. You can minimize the effect of these fabrics by choosing cotton. Pay attention to the fabric composition and choose a V-neck top. This type of tunic will accentuate your decolletage and bust area.

If your body shape is apple, avoid buying clothes with a v-neck. These can make the rest of your body look larger than it is. Also, choose heavier fabrics that don’t cling, such as a lightweight cotton blouse. Avoid wearing a v-neck tunic for an apple body shape, as it will draw attention to your chest and waistline.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing a v-neck tunic, you can get a tailor to modify it for you. An apple body shape is best served with a jacket that hits your waist, rather than a jacket that falls on your tummy. Alternatively, you can go with a single-breasted style. In general, an apple body shape is better served by a single-breasted jacket with a v-shaped neck.

Avoid wearing pointy toe heels

If you’re an apple-shaped woman, you know that pointy toe heels can accentuate your figure. These shoes will make your legs look longer. However, if you’d like to avoid drawing attention to your midsection, you may want to try a different type of heel, such as a block or wedge. You might also consider trying out a pair of low-cut necklaces or ankle-strap sandals. In addition, you’ll be able to wear jeans, which can be a bit hard on this shape.

While wearing pointy-toe heels is a fashion faux pas, you can make them look more flattering by choosing pants that have high-waisted legs. These pants are not only flattering but also help balance out the upper body volume. A good pair of pants with a high-waisted design will create a proportionate silhouette. If you’re an apple-shaped woman, you can opt for a pair of high-waisted pants to add curves to your frame.

While a pair of pointy-toe heels will enhance your waistline, a high-neckline dress will hide your tummy. In addition, wear darker colors to camouflage your midsection. Also, look for loose-fitting fabrics to hide your curves. The key to achieving a flattering silhouette is to focus on the fit, not the style of the shoe.

How to Dress an Apple Body Shape

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