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How to Choose Nail Shapes This Season

From straight to bizarre: Nail Shapes That Can Spell Disaster. Have you ever been in a place where you’re at a nail salon, and a nail tech puts up three or four different nail shapes on a chalkboard as if she were reading the daily terms and conditions for a new product on TV? The names just came out of a chalkboard. “Crescent Nails,” “Halo Nails,” “labras,” “pointy toes,” and so on.

I’ve seen it so many times…and yet, I have no idea what any of these names mean.

Some nail salons will help customers choose nail shapes by having their nails clipped and then having “eyebrow trimming” done.

Maybe that’s a better name for it.

Eyebrow trimming is when the stylist will cut your eyebrows, which are longer and in line with your face.

After that, they’ll clip your lashes and… voila!

Now how do you know which nail shapes are best for you?

It’s not just about what’s cute.

Nail shape preference is based on physical features such as roundness, texture, length, and thickness.

To figure out your unique shape preferences, talk to a professional specializing in manicures and pedicures and ask them which nail shapes they think to look best on you.

They’ll use measuring tapes, clippers, soft bristles, and polishes on your nails to help you figure it out.

Some tips from beauty experts include having a nail artist color code based on the shape of your finger or having your nails trimmed and filed to the shape you like.

Your finger thickness also determines nail shape preference.

The thicker the skin around your finger, the more oval your finger will look.

Thinner-skinned fingers tend to have a round appearance.

And if you are a woman with very long fingers, you can get a little extra “wow” factor by opting for longer nails adding height to your look!

How about the classic, flat-toed arrowhead nail shape?

This look is great on all sorts of hands and feet.

It makes a statement about your style and personality.

Although you can wear a stiletto, this look works exceptionally well with baggy jeans and capris to camouflage your less-than-desirable curves!

If you have longer fingers, you might want to consider elongated nail shapes, such as the two-three and a double-three.

These come in several different lengths and styles.

The two-three has two overlapping nails at the tip and the tips of the middle fingers.

This look can be quite attractive and elegant.

A double-three has three tips on each of the middle fingers.

There are a few other nail shapes that can add some fun to your Halloween costume.

The squeal nail shape is like a half-moon.

You can wear this look with almost anything, including but not limited to the traditional black and red pants, worn with a skirt and top.

Some women prefer to wear this look with sheer clothing, like shorts or a dress.

Others prefer to wear their hair in pigtails and use squeal nail art to accessorize their hair.

These are just a few of the many trendy nail shapes that you can try this year.

Find the look that’s right for you and go for it.

You’ll be surprised by how much this season’s fashion trends have changed, and the looks that are hip and happening are all in your hands.

You may even want to try one of these hot new looks with your favorite jewelry to see what looks best with your attire.

Whatever you do, make sure to pick the best nail shapes for your unique personality!

How to Choose Nail Shapes This Season

How to Choose Nail Shapes This Season

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