How Do I Know My Coach is Real?

To be sure that your bag is authentic, here are some signs that your bag is a fake: YKK zippers, Creed patch, and Price. To avoid falling victim to fakes, use these tips to find out if your Coach is real or a fake. You’ll be glad you did! But if you’re still unsure, keep reading! You’ll learn more about how to spot a fake in no time.

Signs of a fake Coach bag

Authenticity tag: The first thing to look for on a Coach bag is an authenticity tag. Genuine Coach bags have a centered, capitalized serial number. A fake Coach bag does not have a serial number. Look for a signature patch on the bag. This patch will be a little larger, but it will still have the trademark Coach logo on it. If the tag isn’t there, you’ve got a fake.

Stitching: An authentic Coach bag will have a stitched-on pull or rings that connect the handle to the body. Check for seams or uneven stitches. Genuine Coach bags have stitching that matches every other stitch. The zipper pull should be shaped like a C, not a pointy one. It should also close easily and not snag. Another sign of a fake Coach bag is that it is listed online with an unusually high number of identical bags.

Pattern: If the bag is a COACH wallet, check the pattern. The signature of a genuine COACH wallet will line up with that of the authentic COACH product. Check the authenticity of the COACH wallet by checking it online. You can verify a COACH wallet by visiting the official website of the company. If you’re not sure, then you can check the color on a COACH website.

If you have a local COACH store, ask for help in determining if you’ve bought a fake. The staff can give you tips to avoid a fake. If you’ve already bought a fake Coach bag, your best bet is to report it to the company immediately. You can also visit a COACH outlet to return your item. You’ll be glad you did. However, you should consider all options before making a purchase.

YKK zippers

Authentic Coach handbags will have YKK zippers. However, some fakes will use YKK zippers on their interior zippers. A good way to tell if a Coach handbag is authentic is to examine the zipper pulls on the bags. You can also check the stitching on the handles. If they are not stitched properly, they are not authentic. The price tag on a fake handbag will have a ball chain attached to it.

The zip pulls on COACH bags should be made of leather or a series of rings. Look for YKK stamped on the zipper mechanism. YKK is the highest quality zipper manufacturer, and COACH uses this brand for their bags. Keep in mind that it may be difficult to spot this on pictures, but you will be able to notice it if you compare the bag with photos of authentic Coaches.

If the coach bag you’re buying doesn’t have YKK zippers, then it is most likely a fake. It doesn’t have the leather patch logo inside the bag, and it may not have the YKK zippers. YKK also uses Vislon to indicate plastic zippers. Coils and metal zippers are popular in medium and heavy coats, while reverse coil zippers are designed to minimize their presence.

Another sign of authenticity is the “CC” logo tag on the bag. Genuine Coach bags are crafted with the “CC” pattern on both vertical and horizontal lines. The “CC” pattern should have perfect alignment of the horizontal and vertical rows. However, imitation Coach handbags may have slightly crooked patterns. Moreover, the horizontal “C” must touch the vertical “C” on the monogram bag.

Creed patch

First, look at the creed patch. If the patch looks authentic from a distance, it’s probably a genuine Coach. Authentic Coach patches have a paragraph in all capital letters. Fake patches may have a mixture of upper and lower case text. Secondly, look for the serial number. The serial number will start with a letter followed by four numbers, ending with a dash. The next two digits represent the place of manufacture. The last set of digits is the style code. Usually, a letter F precedes the style code.

If you don’t see a creed patch, the bag isn’t a genuine Coach. If it does, look for the style number stamped on the bag. It is sometimes hidden in an inner pocket. In any case, the style number will be in large letters. Besides the creed patch, a real Coach bag will have a serial number. It should have a white label with a white logo in the bottom right. If it has any other color, it’s probably a fake.

Finally, look for the creed number. It usually includes a letter and four digits, with a dash if the bag is vintage. The creed number indicates the style of purse, such as the large white leather Ergo bag. The last five digits are 12235. You can search the creed number online to make sure the bag is a real Coach. So, if you’re shopping for a Coach purse, be sure to look for its serial number. This way, you won’t have to worry about counterfeiting and rip-offs.

The Creed is stamped on the leather of the bag. This unique number is stamped on each Coach bag. The creed is stamped on the leather with the style number. Each bag has a different number. You should always check this number and compare it to the numbers on a corresponding Coach bag. For authenticity, the creed should be different on every item. In addition to the creed number, check whether the design number is on the bag itself.


If you are buying a COACH handbag, you might be wondering if it is real. The truth is that there are ways to tell whether your bag is a fake. Fortunately, there are a few tips to follow when purchasing a counterfeit coach handbag. If you suspect you’ve bought a fake, you can visit a COACH outlet in your area to ask for advice. You’ll probably get a lot of helpful tips in the process.

First, check for the authenticity tag. The tag on the inside of a Coach handbag can be faked. Authentic handbags have a serial number. For example, a cheap wristlet may be real, but a real Coach handbag could cost several thousand dollars. To avoid buying a fake, make sure to look at the bag’s authenticity tag. Also, look at the seller’s other auction items. If a seller offers dozens of the same handbag, it’s most likely a fake.

Another way to identify a fake Coach bag is to check the production code. This code is located on the tiny white tag inside the pocket. A Coach handbag should cost around $300. Any less should make you suspicious, as knockoffs are very common. You should never purchase a Coach handbag for less than this price. If you find one that is much cheaper than that, you’ve probably got a fake.


While the quality of leather and stitching are the most important components of a Coach handbag, the stitching can also be a useful way to spot a fake. Usually, stitching on a Coach bag is neat and free of major flaws, but a few imperfections can be obvious on older handbags. Below are some tips to spot a fake coach handbag.

The centering is important for any Coach handbag, especially if the Cs are in pairs. A fake Coach bag will have a cut-off seam that looks odd at a distance. Likewise, a genuine Coach handbag will have symmetrical Cs running along the center seam. Check for them in both directions. If they are asymmetrical, they’re not a genuine Coach bag.

Another easy way to identify a fake Coach handbag is by looking at the interior lining. Genuine Coach handbags are lined with a solid-color satin material. High-quality knock-offs, on the other hand, will use solid-colored silk. Look for the signature C lining. This is located in the bottom right corner of the Coach logo. If the lining is a different color, it’s likely a fake.

Besides stitching, you should also look for the creed of the bag. A genuine Coach handbag will have a stitched creed that features the style number and serial number of the bag. Unlike knockoffs, the creed is usually stitched flawlessly and evenly. If one stitch is out of place, the bag is a fake. If you spot the creed of a fake coach handbag, then you should immediately be on the lookout for a fake.

How Do I Know My Coach is Real?

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