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80s Fashion Trends

80s fashion is a much loved retro style. Although some still love it, many people enjoy looking back on this time in history when the world seemed like it was falling to pieces. The media, students, and parents all had original ideas about what was cool and not.

Some people wanted to keep up with the Joneses, others were drawn to the hippy culture, yet others felt out of place. Thanks to the popular styles during this era, it’s easy to see why it’s still popular today.

Although teens may still hate the idea of wearing Crocs, there is plenty of 80s fashion looks for women that are a perfect fit. The first and most popular trend is black and white denim.

It was the ‘in’ thing, and although it was quickly discarded as unfashionable, it has never really gone out of style. If you don’t want to have your hair dyed, consider getting a solid black pair of jeans. Not only are they classic and can easily be worked into any wardrobe, but they have the benefit of being easy to maintain.

Another 80s fashion trend that has remained popular is the baggy t-shirt. The reason it has become popular is its ability to provide ease of movement with a sleek look. Look at these top trends from this decade for men:

There was the V-neck. Everyone from Paris Hilton to Justin Bieber wears this iconic t-shirt, which helped make all the rage on the runways. Most 80s fashion trends incorporate this design. Plan International, for example, has a line of V-necks made from fabric taken directly from the Paris Fashion Week fabrics. If you like the retro look, Diesel causes vintage-styled V-necks.

Shirt dresses. Remember when you could get a shirt, dress, skirt, and high heels in the same outfit? Shirts are now a staple in every woman’s wardrobe, and this 80s fashion trend helped make them that much cooler.

The movement, which originated in the eighties, also came about because designers discovered that women who wore their shirts unbuttoned were less likely to put their coat on if they had it on with their sweater or cardigan.

Leather. Leather jackets, leather gloves, and chaps are among the classic 80s fashion icons. Any man can wear leather and create a style that is both edgy and timeless. Diesel, Calvin Klein, and Jack Purcell are just a few of the men who have made classic leather jackets and leather gloves that will work well for any occasion.

Ripped Jeans. 80s fashions proved that there were no boundaries for style. There were leather jackets, skinny ties, neon colors, pajama pants, and crazy shoe colors. There were no boundaries, and all these fashions became the favorites of everyone in the decade.

Remember, there were no rules for fashion back then. You could be as outrageous as you wanted, and it would all be right in the 80s fashion icons of the day. These outfits were fun, stylish, and were a lot of fun to wear if you have the chance to take a piece of this 80s fashion icon, do so!

80s fashion trends centered on bright, vibrant colors. Everyone was known for their neon, bright colors, and you really couldn’t go wrong if you wore one. All-time favorite color, known as “pink and hot pink,” was Barbie. The decade ended with Barbie in her trademark dress, a trend that would last about three years.

80s hip-hop fashion was known for its wild and crazy colors and bold, in-wearable patterns. Accessing hip-hop fashion was fun, easy, and often supported by vintage or otherwise authentic pieces. Think baggy jeans, oversized tees, ratty sneakers… anyone who wore hip-hop clothing knew they had a good time.

The 80s trend also had an 80s fashion mantra: fun. This trend was born of free-love and peace-loving hippie fashions, and there were no rules to how you wore your hair or what accessories you wore with which clothes.

If you wanted to add a Hawaiian shirt to your collection of 80s fashion, the chances are it was created in Hawaii. Hawaiian shirts were designed in Hawaii. Therefore, you can wear a Hawaiian shirt anytime, anywhere!

80s Fashion Trends

80s Fashion Trends

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